06 Juni 2009

Blue B2 Group

Special collaborative Project – The Civic and Commercial Hearts of old Kuala Lumpur - Power dynamics & the growth of a City

Blue group B2
Seo Jung Hee Teacher from S. Korea
Herfen Suryati Teacher from Indonesia
Chithrangani Karunasekara Teacher from Sri Lanka
Muaianah Ismail Teacher from Malaysia
Margo Whittle Teacher from Australia
The architecture of Kuala Lumpur has been influenced by the ruling power of the day. Therefore, also the commercial prosperity, trade and growth of KL has been influenced by the cultural impact of its immigrants.
We desire our students to have a basic understanding of Malaysian history and the influence of immigrants on Kuala Lumpur. Teachers will facilitate this by directing students to appropriate online resources.
Students will explore and gain knowledge by researching Malaysian trade over the ever changing ruling powers.
Students will then further apply and research either similar or contrasting changes that have occurred in the students own city/country of origin.
Students are encouraged to show evidence of their research by creating a presentation which lists the impacts on their city. For example, Historically – i.e. a ruling power and its affect on architecture, transport, trade and environment.

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